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TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. The exam is conducted online in the country to check your command over the English language. There are four sections in which the exam is divided.

To score a good rank in the exam, one must attempt all these sections effectively. However, to clear the exam in the first attempt, it’s essential to focus on every section individually. Here are some steps by which you can clear TOEFL in the first attempt:

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• Reading

Improving your reading skills is not a one week or one month task. It comes naturally and through the regular act of reading. Just read anything whether it’s your daily newspaper, any novel, monthly magazines or even your course books, but do read daily.

It will then come naturally and your words per minute limit will increase with time. Besides, it will also help in your vocabulary build-up. You can also use some apps that help in increasing the work per minute limit and will convert you into a fast reader.

• Listening

It is said that a good listener is much better than a good speaker. So, for improving your listening skills, just listen to some English songs and watch English movies. Tune in to English radio, and you may watch the BBC news on your TV.

Watching the TV series like Friends, Big Bang Theory and The Game of Thrones will work in your favor. And do remember that you have to watch all these without any subtitles. This will increase your power to listen to the English accent.

• Speaking

Your speaking and communication skills matter a lot, not only in this exam but also in the long run. As the exam would be online, the contents will be shown on the screen, and you have to speak the same.

Remember that you don’t have to use the words like umm, ahh, or anything in between. Just read the whole sentences as it is with the proper pronunciation of the words and you are done with the verbal section.

• Writing

Here, you will be given a topic to write on. Firstly, think about the topic. Make some notes and outlines of the topic and then channelize your ideas in the right direction. Use some catchy words in your essay so that it attracts the examiners and will help you gain some positive marks. Don’t get diverted from the exact topic and try to write as much as you know about that particular topic. Take your time, and this strategy will be going to help you a lot.

These were some of the suggestions that will work out for you. Make every section of the exam so strong that you get into it in your first attempt only. You just need to focus a bit more! And if this sounds tough to you, simply join top TOEFL coaching classes in Chandigarh.